Tate Britain – Fiona Banner

Posted by benp

on October 25, 2010

Categories: Art, Photography


This next exhibit is from the TATE Britain and like the ‘sunflower seeds’ exhibit below, plays with space and scale to create a huge impact. Fiona Banner has taken two decomissioned fighter planes and exhibited them in different ways. The one shown here is the jaguar fighter jet sprawled on it’s back across the floor suggestive of it’s animal name and chromed with a mirror finish reflecting the onlookers and space around it. The other plane (seen in the background) being a harrier jump jet hung from the ceiling like a captured animal trophy. Swirled markings all over the wings and tail resemble feathers creating a further link to it’s name.  Both very impressive and worth a look if you’re down in London, otherwise read a bit more about them here.