Tate Modern – Ai Weiwei

Posted by benp

on October 25, 2010

Categories: Art, Photography


After a weekend in London looking at the latest exhibitions, I have added my favourite two from the TATE Modern and the TATE Britain. This first one is called ‘Sunflower seeds’ by Ai Weiwei which is made up of 100 million porcelain sunflower seeds, each one being individually sculpted and hand painted in china. The exhibit located in the Turbine hall of the TATE Modern has had a lot of press recently partly due to the fact that visitors have been banned from walking on the exibit because of the dust kicked up……………..thankfully you could still get close to handle the seeds resulting in individual creations by visitors all along the edge of the turbine hall.  Shapes, messages and patterns retaining at least some of the interaction that Ai Weiwei intended. Read more on the exhibit here.