IWMN – War Correspondent Exhibition

Posted by benp

on May 27, 2011

Categories: Architecture, exhibition


Last night we went to the launch of the new exhibition at the Imperial War Museum North – War Correspondent: reporting under fire since 1914.

The building that houses the exhibition was designed by Daniel Libeskind. The concept of the building is that of a globe shattered into fragments and brought together as 3 shards (earth, water, air) that represent conflict around the globe. The building was completed in 2001 and is clad in aluminium.

The design of the exhibition was created by Hemisphere who brought Our Studio on board to put together a short motion graphics piece to be projected on the exhibition wall. The exhibition investigates the reality of life as a war correspondent: the motivations, challenges and risks they face, as well as exploring issues surrounding changing technology, censorship, objectivity, opportunism and ethics.

The exhibition will be open daily from Saturday 28 May 2011 until Sunday 2 January 2012, so go down and take a look……….