Our Studio Photo Shoot

Posted by Sam

on August 30, 2014

Categories: Manchester, Photography


Last week we spent a morning having Our Studio photography done for our new website. Photographer and friend, Neil Shearer suggested a few places near our office in the Northern Quarter, one of them being Cutting Room Square next to the beautifully converted St Peter’s Church in Ancoats. Hardly ever venturing out of the Northern Quarter, we were all so amazed at the development in this area – a true example of what restoration and urban regeneration can do to a place. This square was where factory workers used to cut large swathes of material in the olden days, but now provides a focal point for people living in and working in the area to get together.


The Bee is Manchester’s symbol and has been ever since seven bees were incorporated into the city’s coat of arms in 1842. In the 19th century Manchester was a hive of activity, its mills and factories swarming with hard-working citizens. There is even a blog that documents the appearance of the Manchester bee. http://themanchesterbees.tumblr.com/