Storybox, London – Marketing CGI, Animation & VR

General Projects

There exists in Central London, Zone 1, an underground space with a floor plate of 1.5 acres.

Factoring in the exceptional ceiling heights, that can accommodate a double decker bus, the usable volume of that space is 1 million cubic feet.

It offers almost infinite possibilities for enterprising creative, commercial, retail, scientific or leisure occupiers. Here any of these businesses can be securely controlled and operated. Safe and sound. Almost as exciting, is its Vauxhall location; within the multi-billion pound, 482 acre Nine elms masterplan of major regeneration – the biggest in Europe – where neighbours, the US Embassy and Apple are also beginning new stories.

Early in 2019, General Projects and British Airways Pension Fund acquired the 58,000 sq ft ‘bunker’ together with 40,000 sq ft of ground floor space that sits within a new 1-acre public garden. Given the unique qualities of Storybox, we were brought on board early to create vital marketing material to help launch the site. We worked closely with General Projects and Hingston Studio to develop two exciting concepts for the space.

This has consisted of a series of Marketing CGI across the two fit-out types; a Panoramic tour for online use and to be viewed through the OculusGo headset; as well two 90-second concept animations. We then packaged all these assets up into a nifty, user-friendly sales app available for free download via the iTunes App Store.

Workspace app:

Leisure app:


Leisure Concept for SBX


Workspace Concept for SBX

Panorama / VR

360 Panoramic Tour of Leisure SBX