Terracotta House CGI, Pano Tour and VR Pano Tour

with Annabelle Tugby Architects

Private Client

360-degree pano tour

Working with final drawings and design information we produced a 360 degree panoramic tour for the client to explore the spaces online. This was followed by a VR Pano tour which allowed the client to be immersed in the actual indoor and outdoor spaces and experience the detail of the designs - bespoke kitchen and stairs designed by ATA and timber slatted kitchen ceiling. This tour has also been used to brief in contractors on bespoke items.

Panoramic VR App

Our Pano VR App involves us outputting existing CGI assets as 360 Panoramic tours to be experienced using a generic VR headset or Google cardboard. Our app 'Terracotta House' can be downloaded via Google Play. For the best viewing experience we recommend GearVR with the Samsung 8. This can be deployed as a custom GearVR app if needed.

Realtime VR

The HTC VIVE currently offers the most immersive VR experience. It includes two tracking base stations which allow the user to properly explore the virtual environments we create with more freedom and interactivity.