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No technology could revolutionise architectural visualisation quite like VR. A fully immersive experience, it has the power to break down the barrier between the viewer and the visual.

Over the last few years, we’ve been exploring and testing VR to understand its potential, how it can aid our clients, and ensure these experiences are accessible to everyone.

During the design stage, as well as for sales and marketing purposes, our solutions offer accessible, cost-effective VR viewing solutions that retain the high-quality, photo-realism found in all our work.

Panoramic VR

We output existing CGI assets to create 360-degree panoramic tours using the OculusGo VR headset. An accessible, cost-effective solution that offers a truly immersive experience

Some of the benefits of our Panoramic VR:
– High-quality, photo-realistic content
– Immersive, 3D experience
– Animated content and sound effects
– Custom white label branded VR app
– Portable and suitable for offline presentations
– Can easily be embedded in websites as a Pano Tour with hotspots


Example of Stereoscopic Viewing
Our VR 1

Realtime VR

The HTC VIVE currently offers the most immersive VR experience out there. It includes two tracking base stations which allow the user to properly explore the virtual environments we create with more freedom and interactivity.