Avenues Riyadh

Augmented Reality

This is a brand new technology which allows you to hold your iPad up and look at a flat surface and then a 3D model is projected on to the surface. You can then move your iPad and look around the 3D model. You can move very close to it and see the details. The video below shows an example of this.

This feature will allow the user to really explore the entire Avenues Riyadh mall and see all the Districts and entrances in an engaging and immersive way.

Virtual Reality

This new technology option would allow the user to download the leasing app to an iPhone and then put the phone in to a VR headset. The user will then be able to move their head and look around the 3D spaces of the Malls circulation spaces. The user can move through the various panoramics by looking at hotspots.

It creates an immersive environment and allows the Mall to be seen in real world scale and size. The video below shows what would be seen in the headset.


The video below shows the spinner feature. This is the ability to rotate and spin a 3D model on screen. This will allow the user to see all angles and views of the Avenues.

You can download the app and try it for free with this link: Herbal House