CGI Animation

Cinematic and emotive cameras will be animated around the development and inside the houses. The majority of these would be the spaces seen in the hi-res still imagery. We would also create a 'Grand Designs' type scene where an axonometric view of a housetype shows simply and clearly how the ground floor can be re-configured. We would see furniture from the Living Room and Kitchen move and relocate.

A soundtrack would accompany the visuals to enhance the production.

The CGI animation would appear on the single page site which is launched via the QR code which will be present at the Peel conference as well as other locations such as the site's hoarding.

Select scenes from the CGI animation would be shown in the overarching film to be shown at the Peel conference, where the flagship scheme is announced. The scenes would act almost as a 'teaser trailer'. Engaging the viewer to want to see more.

Please view our showreel below to see a selection of CGI animation from our Portfolio.

360 Static Panoramic Tour

The pano tour below shows a photorealistic tour of a private dwelling. Having the camera in a static position, but allowing 360 views, allows the quality of the renders to match the hi-resolution still images seen above.

The tour will be seen online when launched from the QR code and can be sent to anyone with a simple link. It can also be viewed with the Oculus Go headset for a fully immersive experience. Music and sound design add to the experience.

When using the Oculus Go the panoramics are rendered as stereoscopic. This means, much like a 3D film at the cinema, there is true 3D depth to the images, putting the viewer deep within the 3D scene and adding further realism.

Information hotspots can be placed over the imagery. When selected information can be displayed via imagery, text and audio. This allows important details and features to be shown.

Please click and drag the panoramic below and click on the hotspots to move through the dwelling.

360 Animated Panoramics

Adding animation and movement to the 360 Panoramics further enhances the visuals and realism. By carefully selecting elements which can be animated within a panoramic, the user feels further involved in the scene. Mixed with spatial and ambient sounds to match the moving elements, the scenes become further immersive.

The animated panoramics can be viewed as per the static panoramics. Online and within the Oculus Go headset.

Please click and drag the panoramic below to view the animated elements.