Web based VR tour

The VR tour below can be embedded within any website and can be viewed easily on any mobile device. Click and drag the image below to look around the space and then click the circular hotspots to move around the building.

Oculus GO headset VR tour

The video below shows how the same 3D assets/renders can be coded in to an app which can then be seen within a headset for a fully immersive experience. The images are seen in 3D (like when you put 3D glasses on at the cinema) to give the imagery true 3D depth and realism. The headset also has built in speakers which allow sound and music to add further to the experience.

The app is distributed wirelessly via the cloud and is easy installed and updated.

The headset can be 'cast' to a mobile device so that others can see what the viewer with the headset on is seeing. Ideal for groups of people.